Vollbrecht Jewelry in the Lower Saxon city of Northeim is not only one of the greater area’s most beautiful stores, renowned for an exquisitely tasteful choice of jewelry, wedding rings, children’s jewelry and watches, but a location that beautifully reflects the town’s rich historical background and traditions. 

Two memorial plates on the building’s facade refer to the site being the place where Northeim’s oldest town hall (Theatrum) stood, centuries ago, followed by a merchants‘ guild hall and a butchers‘ guild hall between 1134 and 1544.

The neoclassical construction we see today was erected as a bank building in 1900. Vollbrecht Jewelry in Northeim dates back to 1919.

On June 1st 1994, Michael Heise re-established the enterprise keeping the traditional and well-known name. He has been Vollbrecht Jewelry’s manager since then.

Vollbrecht Jewelry has been running a wedding ring boutique in the Northeim Wedding House since 2006.

Visitors from abroad may be especially interested in a very sophisticated souvenir from Northeim: The Northeim City Ring, exclusively made for Vollbrecht Jewelry by Rostock jewelry designer Annette Klook.

After an extensive remodelling phase, during which a pop up – store was created in the immediate neighborhood, the jewellery store reopened in October 2017 and is now more than ever the #1 gem in Northeim’s historic city center.



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